Cruzin Cooler FAQ’s

How do I clean my cooler?

The outside body and storage compartment of the Cruzin Cooler® may be cleaned with warm soapy water or any household cleaner. Do not get water in to the motor area. This could cause failure of electric components. Wipe down your motor and motor area with normal motor cleaning products. DO NOT USE alcohol, solvents, alcohol-based products, or ammonia based products. The products may melt or discolor plastics and decals.


What normal maintenance is required for my cooler?

Check the tires for wear and proper inflation. If the tire pressure is too low it could cause the cooler to run slow and might drag the bottom over small obstacles. The tires are inflated to high they may hit the brackets or explode. Inflate to the maximum pressure rating of the tire as shown on the sidewall.

Be sure the front steering lock ring is secure and there is no play in the alignment of the “T” bar and the fork.

Check the rear wheel bearings and front wheel bearings for wear and tear.


Are replacement parts available?

Yes we do have replacement parts.  Contact us for more information.


What steps should I take before operating my cooler?

Charge the battery pack completely on your new cooler prior to your first use. Simply plug in the charger to the battery pack. DO NOT FORCE THE CONNECTOR! The charger light should be red and then turn to green when it is fully charged. Packs are shipped with a partial charge. Your charger is designed to cut off after a full charge, however, you should never leave the charger on your unit more than overnight. You must disconnect the charger from the unit in order for the unit to operate, and your unit will not operate when the charger is plugged in.Check tires for proper inflation as indicated on the tire

Always follow the weight limits for your Cruzin Cooler®.


How to charge my Cruzin Cooler?

  1. Turn off the power switch on your cooler before connecting the charger to a power source.                                             
  2. Plug the charger into the battery pack first and then into a wall outlet. A red light on the charger will come on while the batteries are charging. Once the charge is complete the light will turn green.                             
  3. The charger will need 6-8 hours of charging to reach the full battery capacity if unit is completely dead.  
  4. Unplug charger from unit and place rubber socket protector back over charging port.                                                          
  5. The unit will not operate with the charger plugged into the back of the cooler.                                                                         
  6. The battery packs have a separate charger port so they can be charged outside of the unit. This allows the use of a backup battery while the other one is charging.                                                                         
  7. CAUTION! Do not leave your charger charging more than overnight. Place the charger and the battery pack on non-combustible surfaces and keep the cooler away from other combustibles and fuels when charging.


My Cruzin Cooler is seems to be slower than usual?

  1. Check to make sure all wheels are turning freely. The rear power wheel will have some resistance but be sure the brakes are not hanging up. If so adjust them so the wheel turns freely. The larger nut on the brake allows the brake to move from side to side. You may need to adjust this to keep the brake caliper from rubbing the side of the brake disk.
  2. Low tire pressure will run the batteries down quickly! Be sure tires are filled to the maximum specified on the wheel.


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